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Nutritional Counseling 

Nutrition Consultation

Personal Trainer Las Vegas Nutritional Counseling

We all know that diet is important, right?  But just how important is it? Honestly, your diet plays a much larger role than your exercise regimen when it comes to reaching your weight goals.  So why do so many of us change our activity levels without looking at our diet?  It almost always comes down to a lack of knowledge.  Take the guesswork out of eating with nutritional guidance.  Keep a food journal and sit down for a detailed nutritional analysis as we change the way you look at food!

Are you frustrated with your weight?
Ready to lose weight sensibly & permanently?

I can help you achieve your weight loss goals by teaching you to recognize what foods will make you feel your best while attaining your fitness and nutrition goals. Gaining insight to your eating habits and learning techniques to improve your health takes time and effort, but I can guide you with the following services:

   Complete Dietary Analysis
    Identity Goals
    Physical activity history
    Body Composition
    Calculate daily Protein, Carbs, & Fat caloric requirements
    Guidance on Use of Nutritional Supplements
    Advising on Latest Nutritional Studies and trends (Atkins, South Beach, Low Carb etc)

My approach to good nutrition is pretty simple:

    A balanced diet that enforces:

    Portion control
     Balance of carbs, fat, & proteins
     Smart choices
     Eat the correct amount of calories your body requires
     Exercise to increase calorie expenditure
     This eating program becomes a lifestyle change

I will advise you what to buy and what not to buy, and explain the reasons behind the advice. I'll also teach you how to read nutrition labels and understand the information for better nutrition choices. I will guide you with a wealth of information and specific recommendations that will help you make wise decisions about the food you buy -- no matter where you shop -- for the rest of your life.